February 2024

Why We Love Authenticity

Our sense of vision is expert at recognizing the difference between familiar materials and imitations. In fact, surface authenticity is more important for the emotions we experience when looking at an object than the color.

January 2024

What you are really seeing

Brown is said to be the most delicious color. It reminds us of chocolate, cocoa, cinnamon, coffee, cloves, nuts, bread crusts, etc. Is the color eliciting the sense of pleasure? Or is there a better explanation?

December 2023

Asking the Right Question

How do visual stimuli lead to emotions? The often-cited relations between colors and emotions—pure white, emotional red, cool blue, and so on—are not backed by science.

November 2023

About Color Trends

Color trends are constantly evolving, claim the trend forecasters. Are they evolving, or are they simply trivializing the topic by embedding color in the domain of passing styles and fashions? This article discusses overarching criteria for color selection that bypass the fleeting nature of trending and fashions.

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