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Within reach: Convincing color concepts. Visual acuity. Inspiring presentations. Conceptual clarity.

Light and color determine the human response to architectural space. Enroll in the Masterclass led by Swiss color researcher Dr. Katrin Trautwein to discover a new color logic based on cutting-edge perception research.

1. Free webinar to get started >

Meet your lecturer, Dr. Katrin Trautwein. After the webinar, you will be familiar with the basics of a new visual logic for architecture and design. Katrin answers your questions at the end.

2. Book lessons with matching design tools

Book all-inclusive packages with 4 to 8 lessons and a design tool to match. Beautiful books and handmade samples add depth to your knowledge base.

3. Book additional series of lessons

Add new lessons as your schedule allows. Each series includes four new topics. Enhance your expertise at your own pace and inspire your clients.


Uwe Linke, Pychologist, Munich, 2023

The Masterclass "Light Color Architecture" is truly exceptional and offers unique contents that challenge previous color theories.

Patricia Krebs, Architect, Frauenfeld, 2023

I bought all the series of lessons and the Masterclass "Light Color Architecture" impressed me. The navigation is easy, and the lessons are well structured.

Baldouin Bee, architecture student and entrepreneur, Zurich, 2024

The first four lessons are hugely informative and already changed the way I look at the use of color in architecture.

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