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Discover four leading aspects of inspiring interior design concepts: mood and atmosphere, conceptual clarity, the play of light and shadows, and authenticity. In just one hour, you will gain valuable insights for your practice while gaining more confidence in the use of color. 4 lessons. 1 month access.

Lesson 1. Atmosphere

How light and color create visual space and define the atmosphere (11:36 Min.)

Lesson 2. Clarity

How to find the best contrast levels for visual and conceptual clarity (8:28 Min.)

Lesson 3. Light and Shadows

How beauty arises in the balance of light and shadows (11:54 Min.)

Lesson 4. Authenticity

Introduction to the concept of authenticity as a reliable marker for quality (16:43 Min.)

The 4 Essentials lessons are included in the Introductory offer and in the Design package.

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