A comprehensive introduction to visual design success for architects and interior designers. Discover a new, logical approach to color design based on theoretical, semantic, and practical considerations. The authentic color samples in the design-tool “225 Colors” add the essential haptic dimension.

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Learning series Essentials (4 lessons)

Learning series Iconic Concepts 1(4 lessons)

Design-tool “225 Colors” (1 text volume and 19 color charts)

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About your design-tool

The book “225 Colors” showcases 241 spell-binding paint colors. Each one is presented with a hand-painted original color sample and tips for its use. The short essay about each color helps you find the right color for your clients’ spaces. The handmade samples are included on 19 color cards with 40 whites, 16 blacks, etc. 184 pages, format 20 x 28 x 4 cm, bound in a beautiful linen box.

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