Your top-level introduction to visual intelligence. After participating, you know how tactile and emotional impressions are conveyed by the play of light and color in architectural space. The design-tool “Black” is a profound teacher and a hand-crafted delight for colorists.

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Learning series Essentials (4 lessons)

Design-tool “Black”

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About your design-tool

The book “Black” is filled with tips for using color contrasts to clarify spatial perception. With 24 large, high-quality color cards made with real artists’ pigments and 8 in-depth essays, a new approach to color is outlined.

The 24 handcrafted color cards include the deepest black and most famous ultramarine blue on the market. Each is a monochrome work of art made from precious pigments. The essays approach color from a linguistic, architectural, cultural, and historical context. Hardcover 28.5 x 23.5 cm with 64 pages text (Volume 1) and 24 beautiful samples (Volume 2).

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